We know Victorians were sticklers for social etiquette and

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canada goose uk black friday Just like the women and girls it portrays, the movie has been silenced and its progenitors shamed.While honor crimes take place in many cultures, they are most prevalent today in the Muslim majority world and increasingly in Muslim diaspora communities settled in the West. Our movie examines the work of nine women activists, many of them Muslim, in defending and rescuing these victims.As an observant Muslim who has lived in Saudi Arabia, the center of the Muslim majority world, as a woman of Pakistani heritage, and as a female physician who has identified and reported both adult and child victims of abuse, I contributed to the expert commentary inHonor Diaries, and did so willingly without compensation of any form. I did so in accordance with my values as a Muslim: We are mandated by Islam to expose any injustice, including among our own.Crying Islamophobia, and canada goose outlet in usa thus slandering the movie’s backers, Muslim groups have demanded that universities cancel these screenings. canada goose uk black friday

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