^ Using a cognitive constructivist perspective on assessment

moncler sale However, large scale, high stakes assessment practices are in conflict with this assertion due to the requirement that they be consistently applied among large populations of students (Brookhart; Black Wiliam; Harlen Crick, 2003).^ Using a cognitive constructivist perspective on assessment, “teachers and learners construct schemas or integrate representations from assessments into existing views of the self, of teaching and learning, and of the curriculum” (Tittle, 1994, p. 151). The heavy reliance on summative assessment practices is juxtaposed to formative assessment purposes and can be problematic for teachers and students alike.^ A mixed methods case study was implemented to investigate the following questions: How do elementary (N=60), middle (N=52), and high school (N=118) teachers in an urban ring of a mid size city, describe formative assessment? To what extent do these three groups of teachers feel that they are able to implement formative assessment strategies in their classrooms? What differences exist in the ways these three groups of teachers describe and use formative assessment?^ Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used to address these questions. moncler sale

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