This amounts to a 50 percent reduction over the next decade

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It is all about acting with love, justice and reconciliation, she said. Prior to joining the ECC, Rev. Ringler, who was raised Roman Catholic, was employed as a lay minister for 20 years at a Roman Catholic Church. It seemed simple valentino star dress replica enough. We just thought, ‘We’ll go to the fruit and veg stall and buy things in paper bags, and we can take bags from home with us to the shops’. What you don’t realise is just how much plastic is involved in almost everything, even products cheap valentino studded heels that are supposedly eco friendly, so it was a much bigger challenge.

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To avoid irreparable harm to current and future generations, mankind must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent per year, as of today. This amounts to a 50 percent reduction over the next decade. This herculean task is at odds with a build out of the fracked gas infrastructure, which commits us to about fifty years continued reliance on fossil fuels..

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