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fake hermes belt women’s Then, the issue that has most people upset is that there isnt even a guarantee that BLU will EVER be at the same level cap as the rest of the jobs.There literally no reason SE wouldn allow its level cap to reach 70+ I assume they would allow BLU to be the same level as the Shadowbringers content, which is why they are releasing it early. Hell, they made RDM and SAM start out at LV 30, they could have done the same for BLU but they made it it own level 1 adventure, they are doing this so that new players that join later can have a solo experience from the get go. If I want to solo play, I play a solo RPG like Witcher which is far superior to a MMORPG solo.As for “noob BLUs won be useful in duties” the first counter point is that your average DF DPS isn useful there anyway. fake hermes belt women’s

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