“Normally red Canada Goose online tide season is over in April

Of Toxic Algae Is Killing Wildlife In Florida

A toxic algae bloom sweeping Florida’s southwest coast is being described as the worst in more than a decade, with the so called red tide blanketing beaches in dead fish and killing sharks, manatees and endangered sea turtles.

canada goose factory outlet toronto location The aggressive overgrowth, whichoccurs each year but intensifies with uk canada goose high temperatures, pollution and stagnant water, has become unusually strong since emerging in October, and has stretched into the longest outbreak since 2006, according to state wildlife officials. canada goose factory outlet toronto location

“This is way, way high,” Heather Barron, the head of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife veterinarian hospital on Sanibel Island, told the Fort canada goose clearance Myers News Canada Goose Coats On Sale Press of the sea Canada Goose Outlet turtle deaths. “Normally red Canada Goose online tide season is over in April. But now sea uk canada goose outlet turtle nesting is at its peak, and you have adults in canada goose black friday sale nearshore waters. In some areas, the water is completely coated in green, sickening animals and blocking submerged vegetation from receiving sunlight and adequate oxygen, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

canada goose outlet store toronto During a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss efforts to buy canada goose jacket cheap combat the bloom in Cape Coral, jaws dropped when a manatee’s body floated near the yacht club where the Army Corps of Engineers was hosting the session, the News Press reported. canada goose outlet store toronto

canada goose outlet reviews The dead female manatee was pulled to a dock so a necropsy can determine the cause of Canada Goose Jackets death, Michelle Kerr of the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s research institute told HuffPost on Wednesday. canada goose outlet reviews

The area has a high concentration of Karenia Canada Goose Online brevis, the algae species that causes red tides, Kerr said. Smaller manatees shown surrounding the dead female in a video were not calves, as speculated on social media, but were young males trying to mate with it, she added.

canada goose outlet store calgary Army Corps of Engineers was speaking at our local yacht club (Cape Coral) about Lake Okochobee water releases and blue green canada goose coats on sale algae. 100 yards away dead manatees we’re canada goose uk outlet washing up at the boat ramp. Talk about irony. That’s 13 more deaths than the total for all cheap canada goose uk of last year. Records dating to 1996 show 277 manatee deaths in 2013, 151 in 1996, and 100 in 2003. canada goose outlet store calgary

Other wildlife killed by the algae over the last several months include hammerhead sharks, at least one dolphin and at least one whale shark, according to online records.

canada goose outlet niagara falls Wow what a difference! The top photo is Sanibel in April. The bottom photo is the same location right now. canada goose outlet niagara falls

canada goose outlet legit According to Treasure Coast Newspapers, 15 people were recently treated at Martin Health System emergency rooms in Stuart over two days for symptoms consistent with algae toxins after coming in contact with the St. Lucie River, which is near West Palm Beach and Lake Okeechobee. Michael Romano, who heads Martin Health System’s infectious diseases and control, told Treasure Coast Newspapers. “And that’s the point. I don’t want to scare people, but they need to know what the blooms are doing to them. Millions of people canada goose outlet potentially could be exposed to this, canada goose clearance sale and we don’t know cheap Canada Goose much about it.” canada goose outlet legit

canada goose outlet usa Work remains underway to remove the algae and decrease fertilizer runoff feeding its growth. canada goose outlet usa

canada goose outlet las vegas Lt. Col. Jennifer Reynolds, a deputy district engineer with the Army Corps of Engineers, told attendees at Tuesday’s meeting in Cape Coral the corps is preparing to drain rising, algae filled water from Lake Okeechobee into surrounding waterways to prevent overflow, despite residents’ canada goose uk black friday concerns. canada goose outlet las vegas

canada goose outlet us “I wish I had better answers,” Reynolds said, according to the News Press. http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org “All of us have to work on this together.” canada goose outlet us

canada goose outlet black friday sale The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission asks people to report fish kills to 800 636 0511, or other sick, injured or dead wildlife to 888 404 3922 canada goose outlet black friday sale.