It a cute one, isn it? It unusual, I think, to Canada Goose

cat mouses in distillery Why Evolution Is True

Caturday felid trifecta: Missing cat comes home after 13 years; cat rescued from vending maching; cat mouses in distilleryFirst up,we have, from both the Geelong Advertiser News and care2, Canada Goose online a report aboutShelby, a cat that went missing in St. Albans Park (Victoria, Oz) buy canada goose jacket cheap and canada goose black friday sale apparently turned up on its owners doorstep 13 years later!Fromcare2(the site has a nice video of Shelby, too):When a stray cat arrived in Paula Harper Adams’s front yard recently, she and her children were shocked and saddened at the poor state Canada Goose Online of the animal.Thinking it was a young feline they canada goose outlet took it to Newcomb Vet Clinic in Coppards Rd to see if anything could be done for it. canada goose uk black friday When vet workers told Ms Harper Adams it was quite an old cat, canada goose store an unlikely thought crossed her mind could this be Shelby, a beloved pet missing for 13 years.The cat is older than any of the canada goose coats on sale family four children, three of whomnever knew it. It was canadian goose jacket all matted and covered with lice when it turned up. More:But that cat would now be almost 18 years old, she told herself.”I was convinced I was crazy, but I took a photo of the cat’s face, in case anyone responded to my Facebook post (for a missing animal), and left,” Ms Harper Adams.”I half joked that if I could find a photo of Shelby, I’d be back (to compare).”Well, Canada Goose Coats On Sale I went home and, like a woman possessed, searched through box after box until I found the photo I was looking for, Shelby.”I took the photo back to the vet and the girls had a good look over her and the photo before coming back and announcing to me in the waiting room: ‘She is your cat.”’Well, it would have been better to canada goose clearance sale have evidence from either an implanted chip or DNA, but I take their word for it. Here Shelby en famillebefore his untimely departure:Well, Shelby old now (if itis Shelby; watchthe video to see if you think it the same cat), and I hope the rest of hislife is happy. But if that cat lives ten more years, it wasn Shelby!And another cat rescue, this time of a kitten stuck in a vending machine. (The location isn specified but Big Lots is an American chain). From trends addict:Coworkers arrived at a Big Lots only to find a kitten stuck in a vending machine. They heard tiny little meows coming from somewhere in the store. The kitten sounded a little frantic and sounded like it had been meowing for a while.There was a Dr. Pepper machine nearby and employees were determined to get it out. It had crawled into the back of the machine and couldn’t get out. [JAC: Dr. Pepper is an American cherry flavored colapopular in the South. I don know if it sold in other countries.]”We heard it outside crying but we couldn’t get it out” an employee said. She Canada Goose Parka called Animal Control and Offer Mike Henderson Canada Goose Jackets arrived with a scope to look into the machine.Once Animal Control fished out the kitten, one of the employees gave the kitten to a friends daughter, who rightly named the kitten “Pepper”.It a cute one, isn it? It unusual, I think, to Canada Goose Outlet have a gray tabby with a brown nose.This ismy favorite of the three stories. Reader Graham, from Scotland (of course) has called my attention to a storythat a cat (a beautiful kitten, actually) has been named the Official Mouser at the Glenturret Distillery. That where Famous Grouse, a blended whiskey, is made. Apparently cats canada goose uk outlet are very useful in such places sincemice love to feast on the barley.Eight week old kitten Peat has taken up the position at the Glenturret Distillery, home of the Famous Grouse.Peat follows in the pawprints of Towser, one of the world most famous distillery cats, who still holds a Guinness World Record for catching 28,889 mice over 24 years.The distillery cat is expected to greet visitors as well as hunt down mice.Peat withthe product of his effortsPeat replaces Barley, a resident tomcat who disappeared last winter uk canada goose outlet and has not returned despite repeated attempts to find him by distillery staff.The kitten has the freedom to roam the Glenturret distillery grounds and the new Famous Grouse Experience visitor centre, where Towser official record certificate cheap canada goose uk is on display.

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