Have a question for those two alleged disgraces to the

cheap canada goose uk On Saturday night, the task of feeding the park’s white tiger cubs fell to a new employee media reports identified as Anjaneya, who had his caretaker job for just a week.The one and a half year old cubs Vanya and Jhansi Rani were resting inside with their mother, Soorya, at the same time the new hire was cleaning up.One of the cubs swiped at the keeper cheap canada goose and then bit him on the neck, according to the Times of India, then the second cub joined in.Anjaneya’s screams attracted more tigers, dragging him back into the safari enclosure.Zookeepers responding to the mauling were unable to get to Anjaneya because of the tigers, which appeared to be acting protectively over what they saw as their prey, officials said.Their chief question: Why was one of the park’s newest employees tasked with one of its most dangerous jobs?Compounding the concern, Anjaneya’s killing was the second tiger related incident in as many months at the zoo.Last month, staffers who manage the safari enclosures left the wrong gate open, leading “to a ferocious fight between Royal Bengal tigers and white tigers,” according to NDTV.”It is basically a mishap,” forestry official C. Jayaram told the broadcaster, faulting “people who are lethargic” with the error. “While closing the gates there was some lack of coordination. cheap canada goose uk

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