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Along with using normal wheat to make the flour, the grain mill also allows you to ground a variety of other grains, nuts, seeds, rice and beans to use in the kitchen. Although widely available, the commercially milled flour is actually very low in nutrition. When the wheat is ground, the commercial mills remove the kernel to make the white flour.This is very unfortunate, since the kernel accounts for 30% of the nutrition part of the flour.

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A more complete picture of Schellenberg himself emerged Monday, suggesting he is no stranger to the criminal courts. His record includes repeated drug trafficking and impaired driving convictions in the Abbotsford area from 2003 to 2012, and jail time. Justice Neill Brown noted that Schellenberg father turned his back on him because of his criminal history, that the defendant was ashamed, and had started abusing pain medications after a work accident, the judge said..

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